Common Causes of Headaches

Common Causes of Headaches

Is there anything more dreadful than waking up in the morning with an absolutely pounding headache? Nobody enjoys starting their day off in such frustration and anguish. But unfortunately, headaches are about as common as snowfall in the winter and the overwhelming majority of us suffer from the throbbing pain on a daily basis. If you’re endlessly searching for some sort of pain relief, consider cutting out potential catalysts for migraines and other types of headaches. Your local neurologist in Port Jefferson, Dr. James D. Bruno MD, recommends that you consider removal of these typical headache related stimulants:

Alcohol – Getting back to our “waking up in the morning” analogy, what could possibly be a more prominent trigger for these type of headaches than alcohol? Hangovers are brutal, but they can occasionally be combated by drinking a bottle of water before bed after a night of drinking.

Sleep Deprivation – Lack of sleep in itself is a common stimulant for headaches. In order to counter this, try to give yourself an ample amount of time for rest. Of course, this can, unfortunately, be impossible for people who are constantly busy/working. Following a regular routine could be another ailment, since irregular sleep patterns may also provoke headaches.

Posture – Poor posture can be the source of several uncomfortable feelings you may be experiencing. This goes for headaches as well, since it can produce strain on your neck, which may, in turn, irritate your head and potentially begin to create pain. Consider using proper posture as a way to improve your headaches and quality of life as a whole.

Stress –  Simply put, it’s no secret that stress and headaches seemingly go hand in hand. Although easier said than done, consider what may be causing your high degrees of stress and attempt to cut them off if applicable.

Of course, some headaches may be able to dissipate on their own with ordinary rest and relaxation. These types of headaches are known as “Primary headaches” and are experienced regularly by most individuals. In addition to the aforementioned lifestyle factors, primary headaches can be generated internally. Issues such as this can include chemical activity within the brain or irritation in the blood vessels that circumnavigate your skull. Your neurologist in Port Jefferson cites these examples of primary headaches:

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches and migraines, contact your local neurologist in Port Jefferson today for an appointment and consultation.