Dealing with Dementia

Dealing with Dementia

People with dementia have a progressive biological brain disorder that makes it more difficult for them to remember, think clearly, communicate, and be independent. Dementia can even cause patients to undergo mood swings, personality, and behavioral changes. These changes and signs are all attributable to the disease and the changes it causes in the brain. If you are looking for a neurologist near Stony Brook, contact Three Village Neurology today.

Warning Signs/Symptoms:

There are several warning signs of dementia that can impact your life in a significant way.  Some signs are physical, cognitive, and psychological:

Short-term memory loss – Patients may experience problems with all types of memory loss, but the most common early symptom is short-term memory loss. Patients may have difficulty recalling something that took place hours or even minutes ago. However, they may remember something that happened twenty years ago.

Trouble communicating – Many patients with dementia have difficulty finding the right words. This can cause dementia patients to become quiet.

Concentration – Patients with dementia tend to have difficulty focusing on things. Activities that they have done hundreds and hundreds of times start to seem troublesome.

Disorientation – Another early warning symptom that may indicate dementia is confusion. This can range from cloudiness to a constant state of disarray. A commonly reported sign of confusion is the inability to match a face with a name. Confusion may also cause the patient to use poor judgment in scenarios where they would typically make other decisions.

Falling – Patients find that they are sometimes unable to tell their feet where to go. They may misjudge their steps and fall or begin to lose their sense of direction.


Genetics – Family history is a big factor in whether or not you may suffer from dementia later in life.

Age – After age 65 the likelihood of you developing dementia increases.

Gender – Dementia is seen to be more common in women than in men.

Depending on the cause of your dementia, it may be reversible with the right course of treatment.​

Neurologist near Stony Brook:

It’s important to diagnose this condition accurately in order to take the right steps to help benefit the quality of life in those suffering. Contact our neurologist near Stony Brook today if you believe you are having early signs of dementia.

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