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Our Patient Philosophy

Our goal is to provide world-class patient care utilizing our skills, experience and caring. We treat your entire person.
It is our equal understanding of your desired lifestyle and your disorder that we believe will provide the optimum positive results.

In today’s world there are many pressures put on physicians to see high volumes of patients. We take the patient/doctor relationship back to earlier times when emphasizing the importance of preserving an appropriate amount of time for history taking and a detailed physical exam yielded the most accurate diagnosis. This leads to fewer trips to our office and less testing. We continue this extra time and care on each future visit.

Our new, home-like office reflects our caring philosophy as well. It is a place you feel relaxed, appointments are easily made – and timely kept, and a staff that always treats you with a warm and friendly attitude.

If you or someone you know is in need of a neurologist in Stony Brook, Long Island, get in touch with Three Village Neurology today.

D r. James D. Bruno, M.D., D.P.N.-N

Stony Brook NeurologyBackground
Dr. Bruno is board certified in Neurology and Sleep Disorders. He completed his Neurology training at George Washington University in Washington, DC in 2003. He then went on to complete a fellowship in both Neurophysiology (Epilepsy/Neuromuscular Disorders) and Sleep Disorders at SUNY Stony Brook in 2004 and 2005 respectively. He is currently in solo practice and is Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at SUNY Stony Brook. Dr. Bruno is also Associate Clinical Director of The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center of Long Island and offers clinical evaluations at the Sleep Disorders Center, both located at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, NY.

Highly regarded by his patients, Dr. Bruno was rated at the highest level of satisfaction in a recent independent survey. He has won several merits of distinction, including several Patient’s Choice Awards, Americas Top Doctor Award and Most Compassionate Doctor Recognition. He was also the recipient of the Extraordinary People in Care Award by the Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island.

Stroke Treatment in Stony Brook

Dr. Bruno specializes in both Sleep Apnea and Epilepsy,

as well as general neurology. In his practice, he only uses the most up to date technologies to diagnose and treat these conditions; Polysomnography and Electroencephalography respectively. Both Epilepsy and Sleep Apnea are treatable if properly diagnosed, and in most cases sufferers go on to lead incredibly fulfilling and uninhibited lives. If you are suffering with the symptoms of either of these diseases, contact Dr. Bruno, a neurologist in Stony Brook, Long Island and together you can get the answers you need, create a plan of action, and be on your way to living a healthier life.

Causes Of Sleep Apnea

Are you feeling tired even after a long night’s sleep? Do you receive complaints about loud snoring? If so, then you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when your breathing stops and starts repeatedly throughout your sleep. This breathing interruption usually lasts for at least ten seconds and can be problematic leading to complications such as daytime fatigue, drowsy driving, high blood pressure, heart problems, and type 2 diabetes. If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea, our neurologist in Stony Brook, Dr. James Bruno can help you get the sleep you need and deserve.

There are three main types of sleep apnea:

Our neurologist in Stony Brook, Long Island will be able to diagnose and treat each type of sleep apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: this is the most common form of sleep apnea which happens when your throat muscles relax while you are sleeping creating a narrow airway. When this occurs you may make a snorting, choking, or a gasping sound.

Central Sleep Apnea: this form of sleep apnea occurs when your brain isn’t transmitting the correct signals to the muscles that control your breathing while you sleep.

Complex Sleep Apnea: this form of sleep apnea is defined by having a combination of both central and obstructive sleep apnea.

No matter what type of sleep apnea you may be suffering from, our neurologist in Stony Brook can diagnose and designate a treatment plan. Depending on the nature of your condition, Dr. James Bruno will conduct a variety of tests including Polysomnography. This will monitor your body functions during sleep to not only distinguish the type of sleep apnea you are suffering from but also the severity.

Common treatment options for sleep apnea include:

  1. Lifestyle changes – Excess weight is a common cause of obstructive sleep apnea.
  2. Continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP) – this a mask that fits over your nose and or mouth and gently blows air into the airway to help keep your airways open.
  3. Expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) – this is a small device that is placed in each nostril. It acts as a valve which allows air to go in and when you exhale the air goes through the small holes in the valve. This increases the pressure in your airways to keep it open.
  4. Surgery – This option is used as a last resort if other treatment options are not successful.

How We Can Help

Our neurologist in Stony Brook offers polysomnography to help study and diagnose your sleep disorder. We will examine your brain waves, oxygen levels, heart rate, and breathing while also monitoring eye and leg movements in order to determine the right treatment plan. If you are already being treated for sleep apnea but are not seeing any improvements, our study can help modify your current treatment plan to identify a plan that is right for you. Contact us today to make an appointment so you can get the sleep you deserve.

Dr. James Bruno, a neurologist in Stony Brook, Long Island, is committed to serving his patients with the highest quality. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you.

Treatment for Epilepsy & Seizures

If you or someone you know is searching for a neurologist in Stony Brook, Long Island, Three Village Neurology is here to help you.

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that can affect people of all ages for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, in many cases, the cause of epilepsy or seizures is unknown. At Three Village Neurology, Dr. James D. Bruno, a neurologist for Epilepsy in Suffolk County seeks to understand your condition and develop a plan to maximize your quality of life and reduce recurrence and damage caused by seizures.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a condition that is known primarily for one of its symptoms, unpredictable seizures. Epilepsy is unique to the individual, and how a person is affected by epilepsy can vary greatly. Epilepsy is a spectrum disorder that encompasses many symptoms, rather than a specific diagnosis.

What is a Seizure?

There are many different types of seizures, but they are generally separated into two categories of focal and generalized seizures. Seizures can vary significantly between individuals, but the general mechanisms of how a seizure begins in the brain are similar.

  • Your brain is continually sending chemical and electrical messages between different parts of your system, both ‘exciting’ or ‘inhibiting’ brain cells.
  • A seizure occurs when parts of the brain experience an imbalance in the excitement and inhibition of brain cell activity, causing an electrical surge.
  • This surge is, in essence, what triggers a seizure.
  • While individual prognosis differs, if you experience two seizures, you are 80% more likely to have more in the future, so it is essential to seek medical attention.

Treatment for Epilepsy

Though treatment plans will differ significantly, the goals for treatment of epilepsy are similar which are to reduce or eliminate seizures and side effects. The mainstay of most epilepsy treatments includes seizure medications. However, our neurologist for epilepsy in Suffolk County will be able to provide a comprehensive treatment plan, monitoring, and instructions for how to handle seizures when they do occur. Also, they may be able to offer alternative treatment recommendations depending on the circumstances of the patient’s condition.

It is vital when selecting a neurologist for epilepsy in Suffolk County that you choose a team that offers a comprehensive and individualized approach for your specific needs. Contact us today at Three Village Neurology to gain more knowledge on treatment plans and how our team can help you.

Our experienced neurologist in Stony Brook, Long Island is here to help you through your epilepsy, by diagnosing and treating it.  Get in touch with us, or visit our website today for more information.


  • Generalized seizures
  • Partial/focal seizures
  • Uncontrollable movement
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Rapid eye blinking
  • Temporary confusion
  • Periods of staring


  • Snoring isn’t harmful
  • Daytime fatigue is laziness
  • Obesity is unrelated to sleep 
  • During sleep, the brain rests
  • You can make up lost sleep
  • Older people need less sleep
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D r. James D. Bruno, M.D., D.P.N.-N
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Dr. Bruno is board certified neurologist near Stony Brook who specializes in Sleep Disorders. He completed his Neurology training at George Washington University in Washington, DC in 2003.
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