Early Signs Of Dementia

Early Signs Of Dementia

Dementia Overview

When it comes to a disease like dementia that can affect various cognitive capabilities, it’s imperative that you and your loved ones keep an immediate eye out for any of the early warning signs. Dementia’s numerous symptoms can include memory loss, impaired social skills, and the interference with daily activities. The majority of cases frequently crop up for older patients. Typically, a neurologist in Suffolk County like Dr. James D. Bruno of Three Village Neurology will search for the appearance of multiple symptoms before diagnosing a patient with dementia. Some forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease are unfortunately irreversible and will require copious amounts of treatment.

Memory Loss & Language Processing

Commonly, these are some of the primary warning signs that an individual is beginning to experience dementia. Short-term memory loss typically seems to be one of the most common symptoms that appear during the early stages of the disease. The changes may initially be minor but they can gradually worsen over time. Some patients may forget what they ate for breakfast but will somehow be able to remember events that happened years ago. Dementia can also alter our ability to process language, which can be another warning sign. Patients may not be able to produce adequate sentences and can even substitute the simplest of words for others that don’t seem to make any sense. They may also have a difficult time understanding what other people are saying, due to the inability to recall what certain words mean.

Other Warning Signs

In addition to the aforementioned impairments, early signs of dementia can initially be triggered by other early warning signs that must be kept in mind. Sadly, the victim may begin to experience an increased level of depression. The patient may not recognize this immediately, but it can be made obvious to others who see the patient regularly. Simple ordinary tasks can also be made strenuous for dementia victims, which is a common warning sign.

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