Is Epilepsy Genetic

Epilepsy is often something few people want to hear about or be diagnosed with. It can mean changing one’s life in profound ways to compensate for an uncontrollable medical condition. However, it can be treated. If you need a neurologist for epilepsy in Miller Place, contact Three Village Neurology today!

What Is Epilepsy?neurologist for epilepsy in Miller Place

Epilepsy is, at its core, a brain disorder causing seizures. Typically, these seizures can be unprovoked or respond to stimuli like light or sound. This is precisely why television programs with flashing lights present photosensitive warnings to epileptic viewers. Typically speaking, the vast majority of seizures are broken into two categories (sometimes more): absence seizures (petit mal seizures) or tonic seizures (grand mal seizures). The terminology has changed for the seizure types, yet a good neurologist for epilepsy in Miller Place can help you!

An absence seizure is when the patient is essentially nonexistent for a short time. Things like waving your hand in front of their face or calling their name will do nothing. This presents a danger to some employment and driving. Hence, people with epilepsy are unable to drive in most circumstances. 

A tonic seizure is a shaking seizure popularized by TV shows and movies. While absence seizures can still be dangerous, tonic seizures may cause the patient to hurt themselves because of convulsions and whatnot. These are also where the notion that forcefully shoving a card into someone’s mouth during a seizure will prevent them from biting off their tongue. In truth, the patient should be made comfortable (not restrained) during a seizure while emergency services are called. Similar to absence seizures, patients with tonic seizures cannot drive because of the risk associated with a seizure.

The Genetic Component Of Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be present spontaneously in a patient with certain diseases or trauma to the head. However, this genetic defect may also be inherited if one parent or both parents has or carries epilepsy. Still, these cases comprise only 15-20% of epilepsy cases. Genetic testing may be a good idea for a neurologist for epilepsy in Miller Place to perform as it can narrow down the cause of epilepsy.

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If you or a family member have epilepsy, contact Three Village Neurology today to explore comprehensive treatment plans aimed at getting one’s life back on track. Medication has led to many patients living normal lives.