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Our goal is to provide world-class patient care utilizing our skills, experience and caring. We treat your entire person.
It is our equal understanding of your desired lifestyle and your disorder that we believe will provide the optimum positive results.

In today’s world, there are many pressures put on physicians to see high volumes of patients. We take the patient/doctor relationship back to earlier times when emphasizing the importance of preserving an appropriate amount of time for history taking and a detailed physical exam yielded the most accurate diagnosis. This leads to fewer trips to our office and less testing. We continue this extra time and care on each future visit.

Our new, home-like office reflects our caring philosophy as well. It is a place you feel relaxed, appointments are easily made – and timely kept, and
a staff that always treats you with a warm and friendly attitude.  Contact Three Village Neurology if you are searching for a neurologist near Stony Brook.

Background – Dr. James D. Bruno, M.D., D.P.N.-N 

Dr. James Bruno is a neurologist near me in Stony Brook.

Dr. Bruno is board certified in Neurology and Sleep Disorders. He completed his Neurology training at George Washington University in Washington, DC in 2003. He then went on to complete a fellowship in both Neurophysiology (Epilepsy/Neuromuscular Disorders) and Sleep Disorders at SUNY Stony Brook in 2004 and 2005 respectively. He is currently in solo practice and is Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at SUNY Stony Brook. Dr. Bruno is also Associate Clinical Director of The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center of Long Island and offers clinical evaluations at the Sleep Disorders Center, both located at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, NY.

Highly regarded by his patients, Dr. Bruno was rated at the highest level of satisfaction in a recent independent survey. He has won several merits of distinction, including several Patient’s Choice Awards, Americas Top Doctor Award, and Most Compassionate Doctor Recognition. He was also the recipient of the Extraordinary People in Care Award by the Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island.  Contact Three Village Neurology if you are searching for a neurologist near Stony Brook.


Dr. Bruno specializes in both Sleep Apnea and Epilepsy, as well as general neurology. In his practice, he only uses the most up to date technologies to diagnose and treat these conditions; Polysomnography and Electroencephalography respectively. Both Epilepsy and Sleep Apnea are treatable if properly diagnosed, and in most cases, sufferers go on to lead incredibly fulfilling and uninhibited lives. If you are suffering from the symptoms of either of these diseases, contact Dr. Bruno and together you can get the answers you need, create a plan of action, and be on your way to living a healthier life.  Contact Three Village Neurology if you are searching for a neurologist near Stony Brook.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is also known as a seizure disorder. It is a neurological condition that affects the nervous system and is usually diagnosed after a person has had multiple seizures that were not a product of an existing medical condition.

There are several types of epileptic seizures including Generalized or Grand Mal seizures in which all areas of the brain are involved, Partial or Focal seizures where only one part of the brain is involved, or Absence seizures, which are most common in children. Absence seizures can often go undetected because they only last a few seconds.

Seizure signs and symptoms can present in many different ways, and do not always indicate epilepsy. An Electroencephalogram is the most common way to test for epilepsy and does so by measuring electrical impulses in the brain. If you are in fact diagnosed, epilepsy is in most cases effectively treated with medication.

Some potential factors that could have led to the patient becoming epileptic can include the following:

  • Genetics
  • Head Trauma (ex. car accident)
  • Brain Conditions
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Prenatal Injury
  • Developmental Disorders (ex. autism)

Contact Three Village Neurology if you are searching for a neurologist near Stony Brook.

Rocky Point Epilepsy Specialist

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder where brain activity becomes abnormal. This abnormal brain activity causes periods of unusual behavior, sensations, and sometimes loss of awareness known as seizures. Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages. Individuals with epilepsy experience at least two unprovoked seizures in order to be diagnosed as epileptic. Treatment for epilepsy in Rocky Point can include medications or even surgery to help regulate the seizures.  Contact Three Village Neurology if you are searching for a neurologist near Stony Brook.

Symptoms of epilepsy can present themselves differently from people to people. Some individuals may just stare blankly for a short period of time during a seizure, while some will twitch their arms or legs repeatedly. Other symptoms of seizures include:

·      Loss of consciousness or awareness

·      State of confusion

·      Psychological symptoms (fear or anxiety)

Seizure symptoms may also differ based on the type of seizure the individual has had. The types of epileptic seizures include generalized seizures, partial seizures, or absence seizures. Generalized seizures occur when all areas of the brain are involved while partial seizures occur when only one part is involved. Absence seizures are more common in children and may go undetected due to the fact that they only last for a short period of time.

If you’re looking for neurologist near Stony Brook contact Dr. James Bruno today! Dr. Bruno offers a diagnostic method called Electroencephalogram (EEG) which detects abnormalities in brain waves. When going through this test, doctors attach electrodes to your scalp that record the brain’s electrical activity. After collecting all the data, doctors normally begin treating epilepsy with medication to help manage or prevent the seizures. However, if the medication does not treat the seizures, your doctor may suggest surgery.

Recent Blog Posts

Treating Epilepsy

Stony Brook Neurology Smithtown & Dr. James Bruno.

Do you often suffer from minor seizures as well as unexplained confusion?  It may be in your best interest to receive medical attention from a neurologist near Stony Brook. Three Village Neurology offers various treatments for epileptic conditions. Epilepsy is a disorder where nerve cell activity is disrupted in the brain, causing many symptoms but mainly seizures. If you feel as though you have epilepsy, it is imperative that you see a neurologist who can accurately diagnose the disorder.  


Customarily, there are several causes of epilepsy, but the unfortunate problem is that there is no identifiable source of how one obtains the disorder. In some cases, there are methods to track how someone can be susceptible to contracting epilepsy. Some of the causes of epilepsy can include the following:

  • Head trauma – from a car accident or other traumatic experiences.
  • Genetics – if epilepsy runs in the family, there is a chance you could develop it as well.
  • Prenatal injury – before babies are born, there is a high chance that they could have brain damage due to the personal care of the mother during the time of pregnancy.
  • Developmental disorders – can be associated with autism or neurofibromatosis.
  • Infectious diseases – AIDS or even meningitis could stimulate rapid growth for epilepsy.

It’s essential to visit our neurologist near Stony Brook if you feel as though you may have this disorder and require treatment/diagnosis.  


Symptoms of epilepsy often come in clusters and are easily identifiable with the help of a neurologist near Stony Brook. If you see that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s critical that you seek the necessary medical attention needed to give the right diagnosis of this condition. Common symptoms of epilepsy can potentially include the following:

  • Confusion – mostly temporary.
  • Staring – for extended amounts of time.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Psychic experiences – deja vu, fear or anxiety.
  • Uncontrollable jerking movements – arms and legs.

Patients must be informed that each symptom is different based on the seizure that is occurring exclusively for themselves. Obtaining the proper treatment and quality expertise is essential when it comes to epileptic care and treatment. By treating epilepsy, you can keep your seizures down to a minimum while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our neurologist near Stony Brook can help you reach where you want to be.

Treatment and Testing

With the help of neurological care, patients can rest assured that their epileptic condition can be managed with the utmost care. When it comes to treating your epilepsy, some medications are given to help reduce the number of seizures that you could be experiencing with regularity. That being said, patients need to be aware of the potential drawbacks that can assert themselves from taking medication:

  • Fatigue.
  • Dizziness.
  • Weight gain.
  • Speech problems.
  • Loss of coordination.

Even though there are side effects, the likelihood of having seizures more often is typically reduced with the help of medication. The neurologist will increase the use of medication until the seizures and symptoms are at a controllable point. Testing is a part of the process to see how problematic your diagnosis of epilepsy has affected your quality of life. Examples of tests that are incorporated by neurologists can consist of the following examinations:

  • Neurological exams
  • EEG.
  • CT Scan.
  • MRI.
  • fMRI.
  • PET.
  • SPECT.
  • Neuropsychological tests.
  • Blood tests

Neurologist near Stony Brook

If you feel as though you may have epilepsy, please feel free to contact Three Village Neurology for a consultation with a top tier neurologist near Stony Brook. With the correct diagnosis and treatment, your epilepsy won’t stop you from living your normal day-to-day life. Contact our staff today to learn more!

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Epilepsy

Stony Brook Neurology Pediatric & Dr. James Bruno

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the nervous system. Your brain activity becomes abnormal and can cause shaking,  a loss of sensation, and a lack of awareness. When you have multiple seizures that are not related to a preexisting medical condition, this may be diagnosed as epilepsy. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact our neurologist near Stony Brook at Three Village Neurology. Dr. Bruno can help diagnose your disorder and get you on the right path.

There are many different types of epileptic seizures. Because of these various types, warning signs and symptoms can vary case to case:

Warning Signs

The most obvious warning signs of epilepsy are if you experience at least two seizures that are unprovoked. This warning sign points to the strong possibility that you may have epilepsy. But, to be certain it is always important to consult with a specialist and get tested.

Other warning signs may include but are not limited to:

  • Staring blankly
  • Convulsing or twitching uncontrollably
  • Temporary confusion
  • Fumbling with clothes
  • Loss of awareness
  • Syncope

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, contact our office today. Dr. Bruno at Three Village Neurology can perform an Electroencephalogram which is the most common way to test for epilepsy. This test measures the electrical impulses in the brain and determines if you, in fact, are suffering from epilepsy. If you are diagnosed, epilepsy is in most cases effectively treated with medication.


Symptoms of epilepsy will differ depending on which type of epileptic seizure you are experiencing. Listed below are the different types of epilepsy and the symptoms that accompany them:

Absence Seizures: Absence seizures are most common in children. This will cause the individual to stare blankly into space for a few seconds while having an episode. Then the individual will rejoin reality like nothing previously happened. This type of seizure can sometimes go undiagnosed because each episode lasts a very short amount of time.

Focal or Partial Seizures: This type of seizure only engages with one part of the brain. This type of seizure is broken down further into two categories. The first is a Focal Seizure where you are conscious of what is happening. These symptoms can include involuntary twitching or jerking of body parts, changes in your five senses, feeling tingling and/or feeling dizzy. The second type of Focal Seizure involves a lack of awareness or consciousness. Symptoms include going through regular motions and not remembering your actions, fumbling, wandering, and/or performing repetitive movements.

Generalized or Grand Mal Seizures: A generalized seizure involves both sides of your brain. The symptoms of this type of seizure can include stiffening of arms and legs, loss of muscle control, falling, Staring, and/or sudden jerking and twitching movements.

Epilepsy treatment in Rocky Point

If you are looking for a neurologist near Stony Brook, contact Three Village Neurology today. Do not ignore the warning signs. Get the help you need to start your road towards treatment and management.

Stress and Epilepsy

Stony Brook Neurology Commack & Dr. James Bruno

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that involves recurrent seizures. These seizures come in a variety of forms but are often the result of a sudden or overactive electrical discharge in the brain. Epilepsy is an overwhelming condition to live with when left untreated. At Three Village Neurology, Dr. James Bruno provides treatment for individuals living with epilepsy from all over Suffolk County. He also is a board member on EPICLI, a local organization that actively raises awareness and advocates for those living with epilepsy. If you are looking for a neurologist near Stony Brook, make an appointment with Three Village Neurology.

There are no exact known causes of epilepsy; however, research has shown many correlations. Some of these include:

  • Any prenatal illness that affected the fetus’s brain
  • Complications during a child’s birth
  • Infectionѕ like meningitis or encephalitis that directlу affect the brain
  • Brain injury due to accidents
  • Brain tumorѕ
  • Strokes
  • Drug abuse
  • Genetics

No matter the cause of your epilepsy, the key to living a long and fruitful life is to be proactive. Aside from the medication, a neurologist near Stony Brook will recommend, the lifestyle advice we provide can be equally as important. One important lifestyle modification a person living with epilepsy will want to keep in mind is stress management.

Excess stress on the body can manifest itself in many ways. Many areas of the brain that are affected by certain types of seizures are also areas of the brain that respond to stress. In addition, your body’s hormonal response to stress negatively affects the brain as well. Because of this, it is imperative that you focus on reducing your stress.

Some tactics include:

  • Incorporate meditation into your daily routine.
  • Go for daily walks to clear your mind.
  • Journal or blog.
  • Try yoga.
  • Do not take on any extra commitments you cannot handle.

In order tо make living with epilepsy the simplest it can be, it’ѕ important tо соnѕult with a neurologist near Stony Brook. Dr. James Bruno will be able to examine your symptoms, lifestyle factors, and more in order to provide you with a personalized action plan.  For more information, contact us today.

Who Is At Risk For Epilepsy?

A neurologist near me

Commonly known as a seizure disorder, epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition which causes seizures to arise often, and unprovoked.  Surgical methods are sometimes used to treat this condition, but medication and lifestyle changes are generally the more common methods. At Three Village NeurologyDr. James Bruno is a neurologist near Stony Brook, New York that provides diagnosis and treatment for epilepsy. Not every cause of epilepsy is known but many risk factors have been identified.

These factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Brain damage
  • Head trauma
  • High fever
  • Bacterial encephalitis
  • Use of illegal drugs
  • Low birth weight
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Stroke
  • Brain tumor
  • Othеr penetrating wounds to the head

Any person can endure an epileptic seizure under certain circumstances. Seizures can be provoked by drug overdoses, or in some cases even acute illness. The condition epilepsy, however, does not apply to these people. Epilepsy is defined by recurring, unprovoked seizures.

Contact Three Village Neurology if you are searching for a neurologist near Stony Brook.

Treatment fоr Epilepsy

Treatment methods for thе disorder have improved over recent years thanks to in-depth research. As of current, an anti-epileptic medication, lifestyle changes, and surgery are the most viable and widely deployed treatment methods. However, these methods are not curative. Medication if taken at prescribed doses will help control the occurrence of seizures but may not eliminate them entirely. The goal of these treatments is to make the patient’s life free of disablement and improve their lifespan.

As always, effective treatment requires a proper diagnosis of the problem. For epilepsy, a neurologist near Stony Brook will order tests that identify the type based on known symptoms and first-hand information given by the patient or observers.

Common diagnostic procedures include neurological testing and blood tests in order to gain a clear picture of the patient’s health condition and possible triggers for the seizures.  Brain scans are an even more in-depth tool for locating damaged areas of the brain. A widely used scan type is Electroencephalogram (EEG) which helps to record the electrical activity of the brain. Aside from these diagnostic tests, your neurologist near Stony Brook may recommend other tests such as a Computerized Tomography (CT Scan) or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which can be used to detect brain abnormalities.

After proper diagnosis, a neurologist near Stony Brook will work with you in order to decide the best course of treatment. This involves taking into account several factors such as age, gender, family history, allergies, and patient lifestyle.

Usually, a patient has prescribed medication that should be taken regularly. Regular appointments will be needed to determine the effectiveness of treatment in order to allow for adjustments in dosage or new treatments entirely.  When it is identified that medication has little impact on patient’s improvement, surgery may be the next option

Usage of a Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) device is another treatment option. This involves transmitting electrical energy in small amounts of electrical energy in small amounts to the brain through the nerve.

Apart from these recommended treatment methods,  a person living with epilepsy can also adopt natural and alternative therapies that will improve overall well being. This may include yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques. These lifestyle changes in conjunction with conventional medical approaches have proven to reduce epileptic seizures.

Dr. James Bruno, a neurologist near Stony Brook, New York can work with you to find the right treatment options for your epilepsy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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