Can a Neurologist Help with Vision Problems?

Are you having issues with your vision? The answer to your issues may be more complex than you think, and in some cases, you need a neurologist to assess the problem. Although your eyes receive visual information, your brain processes this information. Your brain will also control your eye movements and control what you focus on. There are a variety of conditions that can affect your eye. Many have to do with Neurological conditions. Some of these conditions include Myasthenia Gravis, which connects nerves to your eye muscles. Brain tumors and strokes can also affect your eyes and vision. Sudden blindness from enlarged eye arteries is a result of Neurological problems. 

Neurologist Near Stony BrookHow Can A Neurologist Help?

Optic Neuritis is when the optic nerve becomes inflamed and interferes with the transmission of signals from your eye to your brain. There can be multiple vision problems stemming from neurological issues. At Three Village Neurology, we can address the issues and layout recovery options. A Neurologist in Stony Brook with decades of experience can accurately determine what precisely is causing the vision problems. Migraines and severe headaches can also affect your vision. There can be several signs that you may have eye or vision problems. Blurred vision is most common, followed by loss of peripheral vision, loss of color vision, double vision, pain in the eyes, and loss of sight. Some of these issues are more severe than others. 

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At Three Village Neurology, our doctors have done countless amounts of studies regarding vision and eye problems. Many issues are treated if detected early. It is challenging to repair eye nerves as they don’t regenerate by themselves. It’s essential to recognize the side effects early so you can adequately address the issue. You must become as informed as possible in regards to vision problems. We provide several services that include sleep apnea recovery, epilepsy, rapid eye movement, and many more. If you or anyone you know suffers from any one of these conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You must address these symptoms and attack them head-on.