Anonymous, on December 22, 2018

He is down to earth and not full of himself. He made me feel very comfortable and I would go back to him for sure.


Dominick D, on December 13, 2018

Nice staff, cozy office, and good bedside manner. Highly recommend.


Anonymous, on November 16th, 2018

Was referred to Dr. Bruno by my primary doctor. Excellent choice. Had essential tremors for years, which recently worsened. Dr. Bruno was able to diagnose quickly and prescribe meds which worked immediately. Thank You, Dr. Bruno,


Donna M. on September 25, 2018

What a fantastic and smart physician. I am so happy I found a Good Dr. to treat my epilepsy! The staff is amazing and Dr. Bruno is so sympathetic.


December 8, 2017

As relatively new patients of Dr. Bruno, my husband and I are very happy with his professionalism, his attentive and caring treatment. Dr. Bruno spends sufficient time with his patients, listens closely and tries to find an efficient way to deal with the problems. I am very grateful that he found a new medication with fewer side effects that took care of the recurring issue so that I am now free of former symptoms. We would highly recommend his services.


October 9, 2017

When going to see a neurologist, there’s always a fear of the unknown. However, his office staff was very welcoming, and Dr Bruno, himself, came to the waiting room, greeted me, and at that moment, put my mind at ease. Calmly explaining my MRI, I was exceptionally confident in his ability to treat whatever the future holds for me. Dr. Bruno is definitely my hero.


Linda K. on October 1, 2017

Knowledgeable & compassionate
Explains medical options well
Takes the time to listen
A pleasure to deal with


Steven W. on September 23, 2017

I have visited Dr. Bruno for a number of different reasons. Everything has been exceptional in this office. From the pleasant staff to the short wait time in a clean waiting room to the doctor himself. Dr. Bruno takes as much time as you need to ensure a comprehensive visit. He will explain things in layman’s terms too which is comforting and made sure to follow up with me personally and not just through his staff. I highly recommend Dr. Bruno as a Neurologist and a sleep specialist.


Mitch on September 17, 2017

I have been a patient of Dr. Bruno for several years and in my experience, he has always been courteous, professional and genuinely concerned for my well being. He is approachable and easy to talk to.


September 5, 2017

I take care of my brother. He was referred to Dr. Bruno by his Primary Care physician so I did not know too much about him. Well turns out he is a jewel. My brother was diagnosed with neuropathy in his feet. Always in pain and finding it difficult to walk Dr. Bruno tried him on Gabapentin. It did not help his pain. He then tried a drug called Gralise. Within two days my brother felt relief. After the 30 day sample pack he felt no pain and was walking better. The problem came when the Insurance company did not approve my brother for the Gralise. Again within two days he was back in pain again. Dr. Bruno never gave up. He spoke with the Insurance company and did not give up until they approved the prescription. When I got home I continued to try to get the drug approved. I even went as far as to schedule a hearing. But we received notification that we did not have to have the hearing as the Insurance company approved the drug. My brother is doing much better and it is all due to the diligence and care that Dr. Bruno puts in his patients. I highly recommend if you are in the area and are able to make the choice, use Dr. Bruno.


July 19, 2017

I have recommended Dr. Bruno to many friends and acquaintances over the years.


July 19, 2017

Compassionate doctor who listens. My back pain is now under control. Pleasant staff and office. Highly recommend.


March 21, 2017

My husband has been a patient of Dr Bruno’s for numerous years. Dr Bruno is an excellent diagnostician with a wonderful caring nature which is quite refreshing. I love the way Dr Bruno jokes with his patients and makes them feel extremely comfortable which makes it an easy task when trying to get a Senior to go and see a Doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Bruno to any individual looking for a good Neurologist.


Gerald D. on December 20, 2016

I would highly recommend dr Bruno. He is very thorough and caring. He is easy to understand as he explains everything He has a beautiful office and a wonderful staff


Cass C. on November 30, 2016

Excellent. Professional office in good location for new patients. 0n time scheduled appointments Interested in past patient history. Clear instructions And guidance: competent physician.


June 22, 2016

Nice office. Pleasant staff. Great care



by Gary M. on February 17, 2016

First time visiting his office today – it felt like I was going back in time – a very homey and relaxed atmosphere that completely took my stress away… Office staff is great and Dr. Bruno is very caring and compassionate – definitely recommend him!!!


by R.F. on December 29, 2015

After Dr. Bruno diagnosed that I was having rebound migraines and must temporarily stop taking the Relpax, I used an ice pack every time I started to feel a migraine starting. It really worked to stop the rebounding. I can return to the Relpax if needed but no more than 3 times a week. If I get a fourth headache, then I have to see Dr. Bruno for an alternate treatment so I don’t start rebounding again.


Pro active Doc

by Steve Beisal on December 17, 2015

Dr Bruno assisted me with a slipped disc in my neck. To avoid surgery at 38 he researched and recommended Topamax. Today my neck is 100% normal.


by Diane A. on October 26, 2015

One of the best experiences I have ever had.


by Mary Ann May on July 27, 2015

Dr. Bruno is kind and compassionate. I would highly recommend him.


by Debi on July 8, 2015
What a great doctor with a good personality . He really listens and talks to you like a human being. Dr. Bruno has made me feel much better in a short time and I look forward to him being my doctor for a long time. I would highly recommend him someone looking for a neurologist. I like the way he spends a lot of time with you.

by Linda Meinken on June 2, 2015
The staff was very pleasant. Dr. Bruno made me feel very comfortable. He listened to me and I had a great deal of confidence in
his diagnoses. His office is very clean and well maintained So glad I was referred to him, my RLS is finally under control and I am at last sleeping.

by Carol R. on May 17, 2015
Dr. Bruno and his staff are both friendly and professional, He takes a lot of time with you and his follow up care is excellent.

Awesome Dr and office!! 
by Joe P on May 15, 2015
Making an appointment with Dr Bruno was fast and simple. Office staff very knowledgeable and courteous .Dr Bruno takes his time and listens to his patients concerns and addresses them with kindness and compassion . Would highly recommend him!

by James Scala on Jan 28, 2015
Dr. Bruno is an amazing doctor. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2003. For 6 years, and doctor after doctor, I kept having seizures.
At one point I was having a seizure almost every 3 months. All the doctors would do was up my meds. When I first saw Dr. Bruno, he was shocked by the strengths of meds I was on, and made a change. He gave me tests that no doctor tried before. Since I started seeing him,
I have been seizure free and feel great. I recommend him to anyone I talk to with any neurological issues.

Finally found the “right” neurologist
by Anthony C. on October 2, 2013
Having had a cerebellar stroke 12 years ago and steadily worsening, I have sought help from as many as 14 different neurologists without any improvement in my condition, which makes me feel qualified in judging the thoroughness and willingness of a doctor to help his patient. Although I only had a new patient visit with Dr. Bruno, I was very impressed with his ability to make a patient feel at ease and probe deeply into the complexity of existing symptoms by searching for ways to alleviate whatever symptom that has a possibility of modification. I am 86 years of age and finally found a doctor who takes time to really devote to the patient’s needs which is reminiscent of a time in my early years when doctors were less pressed and monetarily motivated. It is a delightful surprise to find these qualities in a young physician and brings me hope and comfort and an end to searching for the “right” neurologist. I am actually looking forward to my next visit.

Mar 27, 2013
Dr. Bruno is a very kind and compassionate, caring doctor. It is very rare to find a doctor who cares as much as he does and who is as good diagnostically. There should be more like him around. His staff is also very special and caring.

May 24, 2012
High tech and efficient office. Pleasant staff. Used LCD screen to explain my MRI.

Dr. Bruno…Neurologist A
February 27, 2012
I was referred to Dr. Bruno for a problem other Physicians could not diagnosis, yet after 10 minutes of going over symptoms, Dr. Bruno had already narrowed my illness down considerably.By the time Dr Bruno was done with his exam,I was already scheduled for an immediate MRI. With results in hand, Dr. Bruno treated me for a serious condition that could have left me dead in a short period of time. Well, I am here to say that after 3 months from the time of my actual diagnosis I am 85% better, with the hope of getting back to 100%.. Thank you Dr. Bruno…R.L.PS…After all my visits I bever ever had to wait longer than 10 minutes…Some people will never be happy, no matter what the circumstances….

Pleasant Neurologist
January 8, 2012
Very satisfied overall with care.

February 27, 2011
Small practice and great care/staff.Highly recommend

Very compassionate and knowledgeable
November 7, 2010
Very comprehensive examination and excellent bedside manner. Did not feel rushed like other doctors I have seen in the past. Pleasant office staff.

Good clinician
September 1, 2010
Overall good experience. I don’t find him rude as others have mentioned. Made diagnosis that others have missed for 2 years. My overall health has improved since I came under his care.

by M. MAY on July 30, 2010
I have been a patient of Dr. Bruno for 3 years. He is very caring and professional. On my first visit with him he gave up his lunch hour to see me for a problem I was having with vertigo. I have the utmost confidence in his ability in his field of neurology.