What Are The Warning Signs Of Dementia?

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What Are The Warning Signs Of Dementia?

Watching a loved one or having loved ones watch you go through the onset of dementia can be extremely difficult for the family dynamic. This brain condition can make it seem like everything has been taken from you. At Three Village Neurology, our team wants to do what we can to help. Our neurologist near Stony Brook can spot the early warning signs of dementia, allowing patients and their families to make the necessary preparations for what’s to come.

What Is Dementia?

The term dementia is used to collect symptoms caused by a variety of medical issues. Thought, memory, and communication are all commonly affected when the onset of dementia occurs. Our neurologist near Stony Brook knows how difficult this can be, especially if it takes place without warning, which is why we’ll do everything in our power to spot any early signs that are present.  

Difficulty Finding The Right Words  

One of the first warning signs that can point towards dementia is when a patient has difficulty finding the right words to communicate. While this can happen to anyone from time to time, if you find it becoming a regular occurrence, dementia may be to blame.

Bouts Of Confusion

Dementia will often leave patients in a state of confusion. Someone dealing with bouts of confusion may be on their way to developing dementia. Telltale signs that our neurologist near Stony Brook will look for when evaluating one’s confusion include looking for if they have issues with the below:

  • Judgment lapses.
  • Inability to remember faces.
  • Problems with normal interaction.

Additional Warning Signs

Our neurologist near Stony Brook wants to stress that there are a variety of warning signs that can point to the onset of dementia. By recognizing them early, you give yourself and your family a better chance of managing this condition. Additional signs that point to this include:

  • Changes in short term memory.
  • Mood changes,
  • Apathy.
  • Inability to follow storylines.
  • A diminished sense of direction.

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Don’t feel like your or a loved one has to go through dementia alone. At Three Village Neurology, we will do our part to identify the problem early so it can be managed properly. If you suspect that dementia will soon become a problem, contact our team today to schedule an appointment with our neurologist near Stony Brook.