What Does a Neurologist do for Epilepsy?

Treatment for Epilepsy & Seizures

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that can affect people of all ages for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, in many cases, the cause of epilepsy or seizures is unknown. At Three Village Neurology, Dr. James D. Bruno, the best neurologist in Suffolk county NY seeks to understand your condition and develop a plan to maximize your quality of life and reduce recurrence and damage caused by seizures.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a condition that is known primarily for one of its symptoms, unpredictable seizures. This is unique to the individual, and how a person is affected by this can vary greatly. Epilepsy is a spectrum disorder that encompasses many symptoms, rather than a specific diagnosis.

What is a Seizure?best neurologist in Suffolk County NY

There are many different types of seizures, but they are generally separated into two categories of focal and generalized seizures. Seizures can vary significantly between individuals, but the general mechanisms of how a seizure begins in the brain are similar.

  • Your brain is continually sending chemical and electrical messages between different parts of your system, both ‘exciting’ or ‘inhibiting’ brain cells.
  • A seizure occurs when parts of the brain experience an imbalance in the excitement and inhibition of brain cell activity, causing an electrical surge.
  • This surge is, in essence, what triggers a seizure.
  • While individual prognosis differs, if you experience two seizures, you are 80% more likely to have more in the future, so it is essential to seek medical attention.


Treatment for Epilepsy

Though treatment plans will differ significantly, the goals for treatment of epilepsy are similar which are to reduce or eliminate seizures and side effects. The mainstay of most epilepsy treatments includes seizure medications. However, our best neurologist in Suffolk County NY will be able to provide a comprehensive treatment plan, monitoring, and instructions for how to handle seizures when they do occur. Also, they may be able to offer alternative treatment recommendations depending on the circumstances of the patient’s condition.

It is vital when selecting the best neurologist in Suffolk County NY that you choose a team that offers a comprehensive and individualized approach for your specific needs. Contact us today at Three Village Neurology to gain more knowledge on treatment plans and how our team can help you.


How does the Best Neurologist in Suffolk County NY Treat Epilepsy?

Do you often suffer from minor seizures as well as unexplained confusion? It may be in your best interest to receive medical attention from the best neurologist in Suffolk County NY. Three Village Neurology offers various treatments for epileptic conditions. Epilepsy is a disorder where nerve cell activity is disrupted in the brain, causing many symptoms but mainly seizures.  If you feel as though you have epilepsy, it is imperative that you see a neurologist who can accurately diagnose the disorder.  


Customarily, there are several causes of epilepsy, but the unfortunate problem is that there is no identifiable source of how one obtains the disorder. In some cases, there are methods to track how someone can be susceptible to contracting epilepsy. Some of the causes of epilepsy can include the following:

  • Head trauma – from a car accident or other traumatic experiences.
  • Genetics – if epilepsy runs in the family, there is a chance you could develop it as well.
  • Prenatal injury – before babies are born, there is a high chance that they could have brain damage due to the personal care of the mother during the time of pregnancy.
  • Developmental disorders – can be associated with autism or neurofibromatosis.
  • Infectious diseases – AIDS or even meningitis could stimulate rapid growth for epilepsy.

It’s essential to visit our best neurologist in Suffolk County NY if you feel as though you may have this disorder and require treatment/diagnosis.  


best neurologist in Suffolk County NYSymptoms of epilepsy often come in clusters and are easily identifiable with the help of the best neurologist in Suffolk County NY. If you see that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s critical that you seek the necessary medical attention needed to give the right diagnosis of this condition. Common symptoms of epilepsy can potentially include the following:

  • Confusion – mostly temporary.
  • Staring- for extended amounts of time.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Psychic experiences- deja vu, fear, or anxiety.
  • Uncontrollable jerking movements- arms and legs.

Patients must be informed that each symptom is different based on the seizure that is occurring exclusively for themselves. Obtaining the proper treatment and quality expertise is essential when it comes to epileptic care and treatment. By treating epilepsy, you can keep your seizures down to a minimum while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Our best neurologist in Suffolk County NY can help you reach where you want to be.

Treatment and Testing

With the help of neurological care, patients can rest assured that their epileptic condition can be managed with the utmost care. When it comes to treating your epilepsy, some medications are given to help reduce the number of seizures that you could be experiencing with regularity. That being said, patients need to be aware of the potential drawbacks that can assert themselves from taking medication:

  • Fatigue.
  • Dizziness.
  • Weight gain.
  • Speech problems.
  • Loss of coordination.

Even though there are side effects, the likelihood of having seizures more often is typically reduced with the help of medication. The neurologist will increase the use of medication until the seizures and symptoms are at a controllable point. Testing is a part of the process to see how problematic your diagnosis of epilepsy has affected your quality of life. Examples of tests that are incorporated by neurologists can consist of the following examinations:

Neurological exams

      • EEG.
      • CT Scan.
      • MRI.
      • fMRI.
      • PET.
      • SPECT.
      • Neuropsychological tests.
      • Blood tests


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If you feel as though you may have epilepsy, please feel free to contact Three Village Neurology for a consultation with a top-tier best neurologist in Suffolk County NY. With the correct diagnosis and treatment, your epilepsy won’t stop you from living your normal day-to-day life. Contact our staff today to learn more!


Warning Signs and Symptoms of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the nervous system. Your brain activity becomes abnormal and can cause shaking,  a loss of sensation, and a lack of awareness. When you have multiple seizures that are not related to a preexisting medical condition, this may be diagnosed as epilepsy. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, look into the best neurologist in Suffolk county NY at Three Village Neurology. Dr. Bruno can help diagnose your disorder and get you on the right path.

There are many different types of epileptic seizures. Because of these various types, warning signs and symptoms can vary from case to case:

Warning Signs

The most obvious warning signs of epilepsy are if you experience at least two seizures that are unprovoked. This warning sign points to the strong possibility that you may have epilepsy. But, to be certain it is always important to consult with a specialist and get tested.

Other warning signs may include but are not limited to:

  • Staring blankly
  • Convulsing or twitching uncontrollably
  • Temporary confusion
  • Fumbling with clothes
  • Loss of awareness
  • Syncope

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, contact our office today. Dr. Bruno at Three Village Neurology can perform an Electroencephalogram which is the most common way to test for epilepsy. This test measures the electrical impulses in the brain and determines if you, in fact, are suffering from epilepsy.


Symptoms of epilepsy will differ depending on which type of epileptic seizure you are experiencing. Listed below are the different types of epilepsy and the symptoms that accompany them:

  • Absence Seizures: Absence seizures are most common in children. This will cause the individual to stare blankly into space for a few seconds while having an episode. Then the individual will rejoin reality like nothing previously happened. This type of seizure can sometimes go undiagnosed because each episode lasts a very short amount of time.
  • Focal or Partial Seizures: This type of seizure only engages with one part of the brain. The first is a Focal Seizure where you are conscious of what is happening. These symptoms can include involuntary twitching or jerking of body parts, changes in your five senses, feeling tingling and/or feeling dizzy. The second type of Focal Seizure involves a lack of awareness or consciousness. Symptoms include going through regular motions and not remembering your actions, fumbling, wandering, and/or performing repetitive movements.
  • Generalized or Grand Mal Seizures: A generalized seizure involves both sides of your brain. The symptoms of this type of seizure can include stiffening of arms and legs, loss of muscle control, falling, Staring, and/or sudden jerking and twitching movements.

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Stress And Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that involves recurrent seizures. These seizures come in a variety of forms but are often the result of a sudden or overactive electrical discharge in the brain. Epilepsy is an overwhelming condition to live with when left untreated. At Three Village Neurology, Dr. James Bruno provides treatment for individuals living with epilepsy from all over Suffolk County. He also is a board member on EPICLI, a local organization that actively raises awareness and advocates for those living with epilepsy. If you are looking for a neurologist near Stony Brook, make an appointment with Three Village Neurology.

However, research has shown many correlations to epilepsy. Some of these include:

  • best neurologist in Suffolk County NYAny prenatal illness that affected the fetus’s brain
  • Complications during a child’s birth
  • Infectionѕ like meningitis or encephalitis that directlу affect the brain
  • Brain injury due to accidents
  • Brain tumorѕ
  • Strokes
  • Drug abuse
  • Genetics

No matter the cause of your epilepsy, the key to living a long and fruitful life is to be proactive. Aside from the medication a neurologist near Stony Brook will recommend, the lifestyle advice we provide can be equally as important. One important lifestyle modification a person living with epilepsy will want to keep in mind is stress management.

Excess stress on the body can manifest itself in many ways. In addition, your body’s hormonal response to stress negatively affects the brain as well. Because of this, it is imperative that you focus on reducing your stress.

Some tactics include:

  • Incorporate meditation into your daily routine.
  • Go for daily walks to clear your mind.
  • Journal or blog.
  • Try yoga.
  • Do not take on any extra commitments you cannot handle.


In order tо make living with epilepsy the simplest it can be, it’ѕ important tо соnѕult with a neurologist near Stony Brook. Dr. James Bruno will be able to examine your symptoms, lifestyle factors, and more in order to provide you with a personalized action plan. For more information, contact us today.

What Can a Neurologist Do For Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that affects 65 million people worldwide and 3 million people in the United States. It causes unprovoked, recurring seizures. When treated properly, this condition can be quite manageable. If you or a loved one suffers from epilepsy, our best neurologist in Suffolk county NY at Three Village Neurology can help.


A seizure is known as a sudden electrical surge within the brain. This surge is caused by complex chemical changes that occur within the nerve cells. Seizures are a symptom of different conditions that affect the brain, not a disease themselves. They can affect different parts of the body depending on what type of seizure it is. Epilepsy is a spectrum condition with a wide range of seizure types. If a person has had two or more seizures that can not be traced back to a reversible medical condition, they may be diagnosed with epilepsy. At Three Village Neurology, our best neurologist in Suffolk County NY can help with a diagnosis.

What Can Trigger an Epileptic Seizure?

Identifying triggers for epileptic seizures is not always easy. However, some of the most commonly reported ones are:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Illness or fever
  • Stress
  • Skipping meals, overeating, or specific food ingredients
  • Bright or flashing lights


For 6 out of 10 people with epilepsy, the cause can’t be determined.  Some of the potential causes include head trauma, lack of oxygen to the brain, brain tumor or cyst, and serious illness or a very high fever. Heredity can also play a role in this. Normally, there is a 1% chance that someone develops epilepsy before the age of 20.

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At Three Village Neurology, our best neurologist in Suffolk County NY will assist with the diagnosis process. An Electroencephalogram is the most common way to test for epilepsy. This test will measure electrical impulses in your brain. After undergoing an electroencephalogram, our neurologist can determine your diagnosis.

Epilepsy can be a frightening disorder but at Three Village Neurology our best neurologist in Suffolk County NY can help properly diagnosis you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.