What is Electroencephalography?​

What is Electroencephalography?​

As humans, one of the most important organs in our body is our brain. The brain controls everything from moving your arms or legs to emotional responses. If you are having headaches, seizures, sleep problems, or any other neurological problems, you may be recommended to get an electroencephalography, a method of interpreting the recorded electrical activity of the brain. If you are looking for a neurologist near Stony Brook, contact Three Village Neurology today.

The Process Of Electroencephalography

Electroencephalography, or EEG, is a medical test in which you will have electrodes attached to your scalp. These electrodes will detect various charges your brain puts out. The test should last between 30 to 60 minutes and during the test, you may be asked to do certain things, such as breathing deeply, lie, or look at different stimuli in order to record the desired charges. These charges will be graphed and the outcome can help determine your brain’s neurological activity.

Why Would An Electroencephalography (EEG) Be Done?

As stated, an EEG is done to determine if there is an issue going on within your brain.  If you come to Three Village Neurology, a neurologist in Stony Brook, you can be given one to confirm or rule out various conditions such as:

  • seizures
  • brain tumors
  • memory problems
  • stroke
  • dementia
  • sleep disorders

The Importance of Electroencephalography

Getting an electroencephalography can help to detect various conditions in order to allow for early intervention. Sometimes, like in the case of dementia, not much can be done to reverse the effects however,  this test can help propel treatment that will improve a person’s quality of life.  An electroencephalography can also diagnose epilepsy.  Knowing this can help you to find treatment and go on to live a normal life. At Three Village Neurology, a neurologist near Stony Brook, we are committed to making sure you are in good health and have the technology to provide the best outcomes.

As a neurologist near Stony Brook, Dr. James Bruno uses electroencephalography in order to provide our patients with the best solutions to their neurological conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.


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Electroencephalography is a method of interpreting the recorded electrical activity of the brain. For more, contact our neurologist in Stony Brook.