Why is My Wrist in Pain?

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Why is My Wrist in Pain?

Have you recently started experiencing wrist pain or discomfort? This may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Contact our team at Three Village Neurology to make an appointment with our neurologist near Stony Brook so we can help determine exactly what the problem is and what the best course for treatment may be.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when there is pressure put on your median nerve, which runs through the carpal tunnel, a passage in the wrist. The pressure on the nerve causes the carpal tunnel to become more narrow, usually due to swelling. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by a variety of things, like repetitive motions (such as typing), conditions such as hypothyroidism, obesity, and diabetes, as well as pregnancy.  If this condition is not treated, the pain could continue to get worse.


At Three Village Neurology, our neurologist near Stony Brook is knowledgeable and experienced in treating this condition. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in the hands or the wrist, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Tendency to drop things
  • Weak grip

Why a Neurologist?

You may be wondering why you would visit a neurologist when you are experiencing wrist pain.  At Three Village Neurology, we have tests that can be run to see if you are in fact suffering from this condition. After our neurologist near Stony Brook gives an examination, the next step may be to use an electromyogram for further evaluation. This will track the electrical activity of your muscles to show if any muscle damage has occurred.  It will also rule out other conditions to determine what the best course of action for treatment is.

Carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t have to last. When diagnosed swiftly, treatment can correct the issue in a quick manner. At Three Village Neurology, our neurologist near Stony Brook will help make sure you are able to get your hand and wrist functions properly restored.