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Our Patient Philosophy

Our goal is to provide world-class patient care utilizing our skills, experience, and caring. Our neurologist near Stony Brook will treat your entire person. It is our equal understanding of your desired lifestyle and your disorder that we believe will provide the optimum positive results.

In today’s world, there are many pressures put on physicians to see high volumes of patients. We take the patient/doctor relationship back to earlier times when emphasizing the importance of preserving an appropriate amount of time for history taking and a detailed physical exam yielded the most accurate diagnosis. This leads to fewer trips to our office and less testing. We continue this extra time and care on each future visit.

Our new, home-like office reflects our caring philosophy as well. It is a place you feel relaxed, appointments are easily made – and timely kept, and a staff that always treats you with a warm and friendly attitude.

If you or someone you know is in need of the best neurologist near Stony Brook, get in touch with Three Village Neurology today.

Dr. James D. Bruno, M.D., D.P.N.-NDr. James Bruno

Dr. Bruno is board certified in Neurology and Sleep Disorders. He completed his Neurology training at George Washington University in Washington, DC in 2003. He then went on to complete a fellowship in both Neurophysiology (Epilepsy/Neuromuscular Disorders) and Sleep Disorders at SUNY Stony Brook in 2004 and 2005 respectively. He is currently in solo practice and is a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at SUNY Stony Brook. Dr. Bruno is also an Associate Clinical Director of The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center of Long Island and offers clinical evaluations at the Sleep Disorders Center, both located at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, NY.

Highly regarded by his patients, Dr. Bruno was rated at the highest level of satisfaction in a recent independent survey. He has won several merits of distinction, including several Patient’s Choice Awards, Americas Top Doctor Award, and Most Compassionate Doctor Recognition. He was also the recipient of the Extraordinary People in Care Award by the Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island.


Stroke Treatment


Dr. Bruno specializes in both Sleep Apnea and Epilepsy, as well as general neurology. In his practice, he only uses the most up to date technologies to diagnose and treat these conditions; Polysomnography and Electroencephalography respectively. Both Epilepsy and Sleep Apnea are treatable if properly diagnosed, and in most cases, sufferers go on to lead incredibly fulfilling and uninhibited lives. If you are suffering from the symptoms of either of these diseases, contact Dr. Bruno, the best neurologist near Stony Brook, and together you can get the answers you need, create a plan of action, and be on your way to living a healthier life.




Diagnosing Your Neurological Disorder

Diagnosing a patient with a neurological disorder can often be a complex process.  This is especially because these disorders can be accompanied by psychological disorders that can have effects on a patient. A neurological disorder can have great effects on not only a patient’s physical health, but can also affect a person’s levels of anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing symptoms of a neurological disorder, there is a good chance it is your overall cognitive functions. At Three Village Neurology, our trained staff is here to help you find the best treatment for your ailments. Our expert neurologist near Stony Brook is equipped to make your treatment process as simple and painless as possible. 

Common Neurological Disorders 

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Dementia 
  • Stroke 
  • ALS
  • Brain Tumor
  • Brain Aneurysm 
  • Multiple sclerosis 

These disorders can affect patients in many different ways including issues with memory, loss of mobility, difficulty concentrating even behavioral issues. Neurological disorders have effects on the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system and are often lumped in with psychiatric problems. This is because neurological disorders can lead to damaged parts of the brain which result in mood or personality changes which typically manifest in the form of depression or other psychiatric disorders. It is important for patients experiencing symptoms of both to try and work with a neurologist near Stony Brook as well as a psychiatrist to properly treat their symptoms. 

How Can a Neurologist Near Stony Brook Help You

Dealing with the symptoms of a neurological disorder can take a toll on a patient, but when it begins to affect mental health it becomes even more of a pressing issue. These disorders can damage a person’s quality of life drastically and we want to help mitigate those issues. We offer a wide variety of treatments that we specialize in that can help treat your disorders and alleviate your psychiatric symptoms. Dr. Bruno is determined to help his patients get back to living their lives. If you or someone you know is in need of a neurologist near Stony Brook, Three Village can help you. See our services offered and schedule an appointment with us today!

Diagnosing Depression

Neurologist Stony Brook NY

Our neurologist near Stony Brook can target the cause of your depression and rule out any potential health problems through his diagnosis. Because several medical conditions mimic depression symptoms, neurologists can help confirm a diagnosis of depression. Symptoms that look similar to depression are common among adults who have substance abuse issues, medication side effects, medical problems, or other mental health conditions. 

Although only a professional can diagnose depression, the condition can reveal itself in a variety of different warning signs. For an example of these initial warnings, please consider the following:

  • Depressed mood, constantly feeling sad or empty.
  • Loss of appetite, significant weight loss, significant weight gain. 
  • Sleeping too much or not enough.
  • Feeling guilty, mood swings, irritable mood.
  • Fatigue or difficulty performing tasks.
  • Thoughts of suicide or death.

How Can a Neurologist Help Treat Depression?

The common notion that mental illnesses have no neurological significance is vastly incorrect. Believe it or not, neurology is closely related to psychology or psychiatry, because all three of these fields focus on the aspects of the brain. Depression can link back to several neurological disorders because physical diseases related to the brain sometimes cause emotional or psychological reactions. Visiting a neurologist near Stony Brook can help patients who are having trouble finding a diagnosis elsewhere.

Contact Three Village Neurology Near Stony Brook

A misdiagnosis can often lead to more psychological reactions, but at Three Village Neurology, we look carefully into our patients’ symptoms and medical history. We stand out because of our desire to get to the root of the problem. If you are looking for treatment, contact Three Village Neurology today or visit our website to learn more about the causes of depression. Let us provide you with the best care during this difficult time. 

Can A Neurologist Help With Lower Back Pain?

Neurologist Stony Brook NYThe primary goal of our neurologist near Stony Brook is to diagnose and treat ailments that plague the nervous system. Although many people assume it is being caused by a muscular issue when dealing with back pain, that is not always the case. Our staff at Three Village Neurology can confirm that sometimes the main culprit is a nerve issue. Whether it be an acute injury or a symptom of a progressive disorder, our experts are here to help. If you have been unable to solve your lower back problems, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr. James Bruno.

Neurological Issues That Cause Lower Back Pain

The nerves that run through your body are very susceptible to issues. Even the slightest impingement or irritation can leave your lower back filled with pain. Fortunately, our neurologist near Stony Brook is well versed in diagnosing these issues and creating a beneficial treatment plan for patients in need. Some of the most common neuro/back problems a person can face may include:

  • Herniated discs pressing against the nerves.
  • Sciatica.
  • Degeneration or misalignment of vertebrae.
  • Growths on the spinal cord.

When To Visit Our Neurologist

Knowing when you should visit a neurologist to evaluate your back pain will allow you to help overcome your issue in a timely fashion. Our neurologist near Stony Brook will carefully assess your symptoms and undergo the tests that correspond with them. Patients who find themselves faced with the below in and around your back shouldn’t wait to visit our practice:

  • Weakness.
  • Numbness.
  • Tingling.
  • Pain that radiates into your arm or leg.

The Benefits Of Choosing Our Neurologist Near Stony Brook  

There are various benefits to be had when visiting our neurologist near  Stony Brook for back pain. Choosing to do so can make all the difference in your recovery time. Examples of some of the most prolific benefits include:

  • Receiving a second opinion to help avoid the need for surgery.
  • Professional assessment of all potential treatment options.
  • Having a more nerve-based approach taken to your issue.

Contact Us

Back pain is one of the most prevalent issues adults can face. If you have been plagued with this ailment, it may be time to visit our neurologist near Stony Brook. Here at Three Village Neurology, we can determine if a neurological issue is causing your back pain and devise a treatment plan on how to help. To schedule your first appointment with us, contact our team today.  

What Does A Neurologist Do On Your First Visit? 

Neurologist Stony Brook NYIf you’ve never had to visit a neurologist before, we understand that your first one may be a bit nerve-racking. Our team at Three Village Neurology wants you to be as comfortable as possible. That is why our neurologist near Stony Brook wants to walk you through what you can expect. For more information on this subject, be sure to schedule an appointment online via our website.

Common Conditions Checked For

As a trained professional, our neurologist near Stony Brook is well versed in diagnosing, managing, and treating the most common neurological issues a person can deal with. If you’re gearing up for your first appointment, you’re likely to be screened for various conditions to help determine the issue you are currently experiencing. Examples of the most common neurological problems we will test for include the following:

  • Epilepsy.
  • Seizures.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Tremors.

The Examination

Upon your arrival, our neurologist near Stony Brook will go over your medical history. Doing so will help them gain a better understanding of the issue at hand. Once your medical history has been discussed, you’ll have to undergo a physical examination to test your brain and nerves’ health. During this examination, we may check your:

  • Mental status.
  • Coordination.
  • Reflexes.
  • Speech.
  • Vision.
  • Sensation.
  • Strength. 

Preparation Methods

To get the most out of your first appointment, preparing yourself in advance can make the visit the most productive. Below is some helpful advice on how you can prepare for your initial appointment:

  • Make a list of your current symptoms, medications, allergies, previous illnesses, and family history to help our neurologist get a better idea of your condition.
  • Think of questions you may want to ask ahead of time.
  • Have all previous medical tests sent to us.
  • Bring something to take notes with, as you may be given a lot of information.     

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If you are dealing with neurological issues, you must work with a team you can trust. At Three Village Neurology, we want you to feel comfortable coming to our facility. To learn more about what to expect during your first visit, contact our neurologist near Stony Brook today.

If you or a family member suffers from a common neurological disorder, do not be afraid because help is here. Three Village Neurology is committed to helping our patients live their lives to their best ability.

For more information about how may be able to help you or someone you know, contact us today!